December 31, 1969

Game Master
Ian Reidenbach
Anonymous (An infamous assassin, known for being a sadistic and completely indiscriminate killer... currently missing, presumed dead.)
Yang (Don't touch my hair)
+elanor (Come to the Golden Dice Casino and Ra Temple on the Hill)


adventurers needed to help collect materials for special armors

Plot Synopsis

adventurers convene in centralia to meet the hirer at midday, yang arrives 12 hours early and bugs some very sleep deprived guards then leaves after realizing the actual meeting time. anon sneaks about 3 hours before the hiring to "scout" the place, assuming its a trap. he doesn't get caught but after getting out he lores a erran boy to one of his bases then kills him (this is later found out and anon now has a 10,000k silver bounty on his head from the lords of centralia). seph and elanor arrive on time with a re-disguised anon to the hiring. party introduction to hirer. party is allowed to vote on which got to help assemble armor for. party chooses Ra (after strong suggestions from seph) and go to a plane where a gigantic mountain holds a sun in place over the planet (planet is half dark half light). they travel to the base of the mountain and are told that to be able to approach the star on the mountain they must pass 2 of 3 trials: order, riddles, and combat. party goes to order first. the trial was that the local librarian is also (unknowingly) a werewolf and when transformed is hunting locals down who have overdue books. Yang is the first to solve when he discovers that the most reccent target had a overdue book and her daughter, who had a book close to being overdue, had a mark of warning on her door. Yang is then ignored by both anon and seph, who believe it might by a family issue or other problem. after exsploring more victims houses yang then finds tracks and leads the party to a cottage on the outskirts of the town. there the meet the librarian, she is unaware of the fact that she is a werewolf and seph and yang avoid telling her this, simply asking if they could keep watch over her house. anon sneaks into the house to watch her and sees her changing, he then goes to bludgeon her. at the same time seph finally puts together the true task which is not to kill her, but to solve her problem of mass overdue library books in the town. anon does not kill her (thankfully) and they set the wrong right as well as partly curing her werewolf form. they then opt for the riddles in which they are presented with a set of 8 riddles that they must solve, solving all of them. afterwards seph insists on completing the third task and the party fights a blob. the blobs stats were: 1200dp (about), no dv's, random enemy takes a 1d6 d6's of random damage, each round a single attacking player gets a chaos effect, and each round party calls high or low, if the party fails the blob casts a random spell from any in book spell group (divine, phsion, elemental) with any rate. combat starts out slow but the random spell effects eventually throw at party 2 single target make or die spells (do not remember which) and would have gotten a complete healing, Seph uses a luck to alter that result. after a long hard combat the party emerges victorious and returns to the hirer after going to the star to recieve solid starlight for use in forging the armor.
due to the unforeseen difficulty of combat the party was given 2500 exp and a highish level item as reward (requests could be made).

Noteworthy Postgame Events