April 22, 2017

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Jason Rapsinski
Deus (Master swordsman, and owner of interplanar trade route)
Link Atemest (......*Pottery Noises*)
Bane (Strong enough to wrestle a dragon. Sarcastic enough to taunt it into doing so.)
Roku (Master of the four elements, keeper of balance, defender of the innocent)
Cal 'The Jackal' Tepiv (If it is your time to die, that you shall. If you need assistance please feel free to attack.)
Shale (The golem)
Pheobe Kyo (Blind Psion)
Atropos/King Asmodeus


Adventurers need to help me capture a god.

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers fought the god of Chaos and managed to tire him out enough to let Seryn seal him away. In doing so Seryn almost killed herself by drawing too much power and was saved by Atropos's base personality King Asmodeus. Adventureres managed to suppress the voices in his head and released a rejuvenated King Asmodeus to the land.

Noteworthy Postgame Events