April 23, 2017

Game Master
Todd Osborn
Crow (Deus's business representative... sometimes)
Kro' Gash ()


Adventurer's needed to find and hunt down a run away slave. Please come through portal #31567.127 and meet at Jim's Slave Trade at 10:00 am, on Frand.

Plot Synopsis

The adventures came through the portal early and each did their only thing for a hour or two. Crow came and drank for a little bit, then broke into and burnt down an apartment. Kro' Gash came and found a college drop out, which he proceeded to kill and turn the corpse into a zombie spy. The zombie spy has the name of Charlie Day and has two ranks of falconry. Miguel came and tried to recruit people for a privateer job, but nobody paid any attention to the posting. The rest of party did relatively nothing until 10:00 am, when the job started.

Once Jim, the poster of the job, arrived, the friendly party Tor'ite sprung into action. After Quarrel figured out that slavery was illegal here, he tased and arrested Jim. The local police forced showed up soon and the investigate a disturbance of peace at Jim's store. Quarrel was able to talk himself out of being arrested for being a vigilante. Jimbo, Jim's boss, appeared after the police left and gave the adventurers the required information to hunt down the runaway. The adventuring party received 90,000 silver to split among themselves, a pardon from Jimbo to capture the slave, and the information on the slave. The slave's name was Billy and he was last known to be at the Lotus Casino, on the north side of town, 4 days prior. Thus, the party took off.

Once at the casino, the party went their separate ways in an effort to locate Billy. Miguel went straight to gambling, Crow snuck into the staff only area, Charlie (through Kro' Gash's control) asked staff around the casino, Tybalt/Lir/Raven tried to recruit people to a cult they wanted to make, and Quarrel watched the prior three fail. Charlie found a floor manager who knew where Billy was going to be that night. Crow found a small set of dice with holographic sides. Depending on the angle someone looks at the dice, the numbers appear to change. After the two hours spent at the casino, the party had lunch and moved towards the final location.

The destination was now Billy's mansion. He was holding a fundraiser for his next presidential campaign. Once there, Crow scale the wall on the outside of the mansion up to Billy's room. Crow then snuck into his room and paralyzed Billy. With the mission now complete, the party left the mansion and returned home.

Noteworthy Postgame Events