April 13, 2017

Game Master
Blas Hernandez
Velvet Scarlatina (A true justice Torite who starting adventuring to gain experience in dealing with adventurers, her determination is the only thing keeping her sane at this point)
Destiny ()
Cattleya (Ariel Murawski)
Match (A professional, shapeshifting assassin.)
Badigadi (Brady Black)


“Don’t get comfortable, we aren’t even halfway there.” -AL

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers tasked with completing the trial of Natiuh, the Mesonan sun diety. Sadly, transportation will be a tad less convenient than it has been in the past. The high priest Magondai has closed all roads into and out of the city in order to hinder his opponents enough to gather the final insignias for “The Upbringing”. Party must find a route out of the city, venture to the desert temple of Natiuh, and be watchful of Magondai’s men. The end goal is to reach the Insignia of Natiuh before Magondai’s men.

EXP Awarded: 2800

Noteworthy Postgame Events