May 01, 2004

Game Master
Krystal Tyler
Fred (He hates everything!)
Barry (Hmm... You don't look so well. Would you prefer burial or cremation?)


Adventurers needed for retrieval mission. Meet Atrus at the Stopover Inn at sunup.

Plot Synopsis

As was explained in Atrus' last posting, his wife has been kidnapped by a madman, and he needs a specific set of symbols in order to travel to the place he believes she has been taken. The adventurers are needed to travel to a certain island and find the hidden symbol there. Concerns are voiced about the possibility of attack, to which Atrus replies that he has a way around that this time. A price is agreed upon, and the adventures leave.

They travel by griffin to the first island (to the adventurers' nervous dismay). From there, they portal-hopped to the second island. This one is Oriental is nature, with some odd contraptions and a small pagoda in the middle, the top of which has the ability to separate from the rest of the building and create large crystal spheres. Fred solves a puzzle on one part of the island, while Natasha and D'Warf mess with an annoying lever and counterbalance. Fred and D'Warf race to sit in a chair in the pagoda, which leads them to the top of the building and another puzzle. Once solved, the contraption forms a crystal sphere around the two, who then travel around the island on a series of tracks before coming to rest a little ways away from the island. From that unique position, veins of a glowing crystal in some stone columns reveal a symbol of sorts, which the party copies and returns to Atrus.

Noteworthy Postgame Events