March 25, 2017

Game Master
Grant Greene
Hooded man (The First Blood Mage)
Player 1
N (Minion of Osiris)
Yang (Don't touch my hair)
Sombra Nightshade (A rogue with a habit of getting killed in new and fascinating ways, this adventurer has plenty of oddities to make things interesting)


I have loacted the remaining artifacts required for the ritual, and need them recovered. Meet at the Neptunian bathhouse at 11:00am. -Ruvan

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers were given the approximate location of the three remaining artifacts (the Sword of Earth, the Sword of Fire, and the Aethersphere), and given the option to go after whichever they wanted. They chose to seek the Sword of Fire, which was on the plane of Nahkrim (based around ancient Egyptian culture), in posession of "a fallen being wishing to regain power." When they arrived via an unconventional sand portal, Ramses and Sombra ran to the city ahead of party, where they were promptly revered as representatives of the gods, as one was a glowing Ra'ite, and the other a talking cat. The party inquired at the library and with citizens of the city for information, where they learned of a legendary blade of fire that fell from the sky, wielded by a warlord centuries ago to attempt to conquer the country across the great ocean, as well as that one of the gods of the plane had been cast out of the Divine order many ages ago after attempting a power grab.

The party the went to a port city of the north and secured a charter to an island midway across the ocean, where the ancient warlord had his last stand. On the island, Ramses looked into the past to discover that something crashed into a temple on the island and buried itself into the earth many years ago. When investigating the temple, they found a pair of enthralled cultists tunneling through the rock underneath the temple, which was glowing brightly with heat. After "freeing" the cultists, they finished tunneling through the rock using Hooded Man's fire gremlins, and recovered the sword buried within.

Noteworthy Postgame Events