March 11, 2017

Game Start Date
Game Master
Andrew Zhou
Destiny ()
Abraham (The terrible T'orite)


That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die...

Plot Synopsis

Astoria has become increasingly frustrated by a mix of adventurer pushing and lack of information, and so has hired adventurers to track down possible information hidden in Rawal's old mountain domain.
So they headed up that way, and surprisingly straightforwardly, went to the man and talked to him about it.

Rawal, of course, has been keeping himself up to date. He gave some of his concerns over what has been happening to the plane as a whole due to adventurer influence, and some of how he felt about their style of activity.
Knowing how they would act, he has purposely not shared information, though did divulge a good chunk of what he knew to the party over the course of the conversation, in turn learning more of Jaern.

He proposed that the adventurers help him test a theory; they agreed, and went down to the desert, investigating first the crystal mine and then the Zephyr Oasis. The same was found in both cases - there was something where there used to be a more open passage to hell, something solid and blocking. He gave his theory - that since hell was removed, the spirits of the dead had been falling into oblivion, but with the wall there they were being actively prevented from leaving the plane. And with the presence of so many souls wandering the plane, old forces had begun to reawaken, leading to things regarding the other events on plane.

They took the issue to Ctherethei, who then brought Astoria into the discussion, who proceeded to get Alwan involved. And the group as a whole - consisting of our adventurers and the 4 most visibly powerful individuals on the plane - decided to take a chance and break down a localized part of the wall between the living world and hell.

It went surprisingly smoothly. Something had happened there; the denizens of the lower planes were different, probably from the time when the plane had been afflicted, but the main issue seemed to be.. gone.

They left a force watching the hole, just in case. But things seemed to be fine.

Our adventurers went out to dinner, were paid, and the world moves on.

Noteworthy Postgame Events