May 15, 2004

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Bob Richey
Siilex Alois (This whole being dead thing isn't so bad...pass the ale)
Tyndracha Navarre (Aerodrako auger/inventor extraordinaire. Dangerous only when bored.)


You walk into a bar...

Plot Synopsis

Gideon was walking down the streets of Rougtero, when a man carrying some boards, turns quickly, smacking him in the head, rending him unconsious. At the same time across town, D'utta finds a copper piece on the floor of a bar, hitting his head on the bottom of the bar when he stood up. Siilex and Tyn manage to avoid the pun and avoid getting hit by things. As they walk through town, Siilex notices a nondescript man pulling Gideon into an alley. He and Tyn move to investigate, barely being hit in the head by flower pots tossed from above. Siilex manages to Suspend Time the goon pulling Gideon but is then knocked unconsious along with Tyn.

The adventurers find themselves in a grassy field, after some checking, they realize none of their equipment is missing. They then notice a tall lankey man is standing about ten feet away from them. He introduces himself as Artemous Gone, those who offer to shake his hand, realize he is immaterial.

He appologizes for the method in which he has summoned them there, trying to explain that the magics involved would not allow him to have them cross over any other way. The party is skeptical but agree to hear him out. He explains that his body was stolen from him, and that he is unable to become physical here. His body was found in the form of a doll, which he believes is in the possession of some creatures living up in the mountains. He offers 3000 sp as payment for recoving his body for him and gaurentees the party's safe transport back to Jearn.

The party uses Tyn to carry them to the mountains. The get their toward nightfall and set up camp. During the night, Gideon hears movement in the grass and fireballs the creature. Upon examination, it is rabbit with crab claw for front legs. Gideon also senses something odd about this place but cannot identify it.

The next day the travel into the mountains and find the creatures described. They seem to be large bipedal Rhino's carrying large clubs. As they approach one of the creatures spots them and hurls his club, hittng Tyn hard. Siilex Halt Times them in repsonse.

They find no sign of the doll around the Halt Time so move into a large cave nearby. They find a few valuables including a suit of full plate that has been smashed flat, with the remains of it's unfortunate occupant still inside. Gideon hears something moving below the floor and puts his ear to the ground to listen. Several pairs of arms grab him and start pulling him through the rock. The rest of the party rushing in to save him and are quickly grabbed as well. Tyn manages to break free while Siilex Suspends the rest. Gideon descides to dig down to find out what grabbed them. After many hours of "mining" he finds a tunnle under the cave. He and D'utta climb down to investigate. They encounter eight short white creatures running at them. Gideon Fireballs them and himself while D'utta runs like hell to get away. While this is going on, Tyn begins to investigate the mountains nearby. She finds a silver ring that is very similar to the one she has been seaking for months. She quietly pockets it and resumes searching.

The party descides to rest to allow the mages to recharge. During the night D'utta sees lights in the distance which Tyn's spy glass reveal to be bonfires. While Gideon is watching the night sky, he finally realizes what was troubling him, his distance judgment is registering the distance to all the stars and that they are only a few thousands met away.

The next day, they set up to ambush the creatures. Siilex and Tyn hide while D'utta and Gideon prepare to taunt the creatures from atop an shadow Aerodrako. The Halt Time goes down, and D'utta start taunting them in Orcish. The creatures seem to understand him and yell back in something similar to Orcish, D'utta is able to undstand part of their insults. After having many rocks thrown at them and D'utta being knocked unconsious, the creatures are Halt Timed again.

Eventually, through many halt times and taughting, they manage to seperate the creatures and Halt Time them so they can investigate the area they could not previously. They find the doll amid other pieces of debris left by the creatures.

They return to the grassland, during their trip they notice a large whalelike creature flying through the air off in the distance. He is able to take it from them and seems to be physical. He sends them back to Jearn, each person finds themselves in a different room in an Inn. On the side table there is a bag with 3000 silver pieces and a note thanking them for their services.

Tyn and Siilex go to the mages guild to have the ring (which has tarnished) witchsmellered. It is magical, the silver glow around the item also appearing tarnished. She has it identified, not likeing the spells that are on it, she offers it to the guild for trade. She gets several smaller items and lets the party roll for them. The party recieves 2700 experience for their accomplishments.

Noteworthy Postgame Events