February 13, 2017

Game Start Date
Game Master
Andrew Zhou
Anonymous (An infamous assassin, known for being a sadistic and completely indiscriminate killer... currently missing, presumed dead.)
Crow (Deus's business representative... sometimes)
Quinn (Angel chick with wings and insane bow skill)


Adventurers wanted to eliminate one of King Charles's farms.

Plot Synopsis

A very shady dorf has hired our adventurers out of a very shady inn, for the purpose of doing some shady business against a shady ruler.

Our adventurers, being the good gods fearing folk they are (and thats it really, or they would have happily slaughtered the village) decided that they would rather not murder farmers to pieces, so reported the original employer to the local Torites and proceeded to ignore the given task.

They instead wandered over to King Charles's capital city to investigate into a few things, such as exactly why this village was designated for destruction.
Anonymous, having spent his younger adventuring days here, filled the others in on the political background of the island.

They decide to ask around in town to find the local thieves' association for information, but succeed only at making the townsfolk wary and accidentally bludgeoning several homeless hobos to death.

Thus alerted, the castle went on high alert that night, and our rogues being lazy decided they would rather not try looting it, except Quinn, who wandered through with the use of magic abilities, wandered around for a bit, before stealing documents and some gold out of one of Charles's offices. Not satisfied, she decided to steal his throne too, leaving behind only a crude makeshift note bearing the cryptic message "Deus was here."

As they had nothing better to do, Anonymous sent his army of slaves through the original village to apply explosive runes to the doors, then went through and killed the remaining survivors.

The party then proceeded to enmass themselves and steal all the buildings, throwing them through a portal bag, leaving nothing behind to mark the existence of the town but lines in the sand and dead bodies.

As promised, a day later money was left to them at their preordained drop off.

A cookie bakery was invaded by hoboes lured with the promise of free food, then burned to the ground. The patch of land was put on sale.

Our rogues strong-armed an innkeeper into being their slave, and took over deeds of proprietorship. The poor man out of fear for his and his family's life had no thought but to comply.

Noteworthy Postgame Events