February 09, 2017

Game Start Date
Game Master
Andrew Zhou
Crow (Deus's business representative... sometimes)
Frango Lupin (Uhhh... Undead need love too..... Oh and lookie I'm Big)
Garen (Warrior & psion)
Happy Sunshine (I'm complicated. Yeah..........)
Namirr (The Explosive Fetishist)


Loot the gnome king's kingdom.

Plot Synopsis

Dudley and Dogley hired some adventurers to loot a certain special rock from the domain of the gnome king Gnomium. He cautions them that they weren't exactly friendly to him, and are prepared for adventurers.

So they head through the mines on the side of one of the mountains of SE Irlany, finding themselves in a fairly moderate town of gnomes. Having been seen as non-gnome/dorfs, the town immediately goes into panic mode, as civilians and guards alike head to the central keep. Two of our adventurers who most looked like dorfs and gnomes (one since he was an actual gnome, who was greatly messed with at hiring time) snuck in in the general panic, and most of the remainder set about cheerfully burning down the city to try and draw the gnomes out. As they did that, Frango attempted to smash his way into the keep, when the guards within responded by punchdoor'ing the main gate, so he death wail murdered most of the population.

Uncontested at the gates, he smashes his way in and proceeds to begin slaughtering little thingamabobs, as the rest of them went through looting the castle. Eventually they all make their way down into the deeper core, where they split up into a few groups to explore every tunnel. They find:

A passage leading to a dark cave, a dragon's lair;
A small silver vein, intentionally acting as a decoy to hide the gnome king's treasure vault, which they found anyway;
A pass further into the dark under the island, leading to other underground civilizations;
A corridor leading to the tombs of past kings of this settlement, which they (correctly) assumed was grave cursed;
A tunnel ending with a wall of magically sealed gold, locking the pass to the dorf king's treasure room, which they opened;
A short channel leading to a sealed hatch in the ground, leading to the wine cellars;
A long cave system leading into deeper mines, down which Frango murdered many a poor civilian;
And finally a tunnel full of spiders and spiderwebs, leading also to the dragon's lair, though well concealed and slightly blocked.

They explore each way (except the dragon's home, though they analyze it from afar).
A few odd things happen, a few things are looted, but eventually they think their way into the dorf vault, finding the stone for which they came.

They bring it back to their employers. A day's work done.

Noteworthy Postgame Events