February 06, 2017

Game Start Date
Game Master
Andrew Zhou
Raziel Blood Dirk (Once you die be mine)
Sandy (Let's be friends, ok?)


Where are all these ghosts coming from?

Plot Synopsis

Past events are finally starting to catch up to the plane.
Dead souls are wandering across the land, lost, unable to make their way into their afterlife.

Adventurers are hired to figure out why ghosts are appearing now, where sightings of postmortem life have been few before and easily re-deadified.
They arrive surprisingly together, half an hour early, where they are greeted and eventually led to Astoria, who was investigating a ghost she found and magically bound.

They learn a bit of the problem, as well as learning that people of the plane tend to dislike undead and demons, though decide to simply avoid locals rather than hide said features.

So off they go, down to the deserts where the problem seems to be stemming from. And for 2 nights and a day they cross the desert, avoiding the crystal scorpions that have begun to rise to the outer surface.
They note the existence of large quantities of ghostly souls, which seem to directly negatively correlate to scorpions which wander around devouring their living essence.

And guided by a mix of Ramses, logic, and plot, they make their way to the mouth of the crystal caves, which clearly is radiating magical energy out to the desert.

They throw a few zombies in, then follow in after observing that they last mere minutes - mostly because they are mindless beings with no sense of danger, and do things like walking into pits and shades.

They do note a deep dark red ghost lurking in the green crystal section, at which point they cast a few things, causing the beings within the mine to react, but the ghost used a magical ability, drawing attention back to it, and getting nommed by the shade spirits.

Blah blah exploration. The early mine shades are far more corporeal than they used to be, but for the most part still passive. They find the ward line, cross over, and realize it hurts. Silly adventurers.
Blah blah investigations.

They leave the cave eventually, having felt they reached their limit, and notice a lone soul outside staring sadly inward. They hatch a plot to use strange magical devices they have, to take the soul in and see what it wants with the crystals.. it leads them to a grey crystal growing out of the ceiling, guarded by a massive scorpion of white, purple, black and red crystal. The rock with the soul is dropped onto a small outcropping of crystal, at which point the soul is immediately drawn to unknown destinations.

They realize at this point that they havn't talked to Ctherethei yet, who Astoria also mentioned was looking into the mines since her attention was drawn by adventurers there, so they go and have a conversation on what each has found or known about the current situation. Raziel makes a quick trip back the mines with their combined understanding, and realizes that the black crystal at the end of the mine has reconstituted, around which lurks a truly evil presence.

They return to Astoria, and were paid for their work.

Noteworthy Postgame Events