February 04, 2017

Game Master
Bradley Persson
Bumi (Severely insane earthbending professor)
Destiny ()
Lili (Cute dragon girl)


Mercenaries wanted to defend a transport. ~Lilith S.

Plot Synopsis

Campaign Mission 2: Hiring took place, but because of returning party members an alternate hiring was attempted by a mole in the Foundation. The party took this alternate hiring, under the Serpent's Hand, to attack the caravan instead of defending it. On route to the mission site, however, their plane went down in the Pacific Ocean, causing them to need to tear open a rift into the wanderer's library and escape. From their, they exited into Korea, where they stole a jet from the Seoul airport. After being intercepted by the Korean military, they take possesion of the fighter jet as well, keeping up appearances and shooting the stolen airliner down after the party bailed out. The jet was then crashed into the great wall of China. Party then stole a car, travelling across a large part of the back areas of China to reach the mission site too late, the convoy had already been attacked by another interested party. They caught up with this group and cut them down, retrieving the artifact for themselves and their employers.

Noteworthy Postgame Events