February 05, 2017

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko
Seph Tu Kan (Come to the Golden Dice Casino and Ra Temple on the Hill)
Steele (To some, an alcoholic pirate captain. To others, a hedonistic space marine. Neither is incorrect.)
Fwip (Storms are beautiful.)
Oka-Zara (Lizard, Nomad Seeker. Quiet and reserved.)
Sinat/Vazgul (Awesome. Awesome to the Max and kind of nomady.)


Salvage crew wanted to find a ship wreck and recover an item. Meet C’tell at the One Eyed Jack in Rougtero. He will be waiting for interested individuals at 1 pm.

Plot Synopsis

Seph shows up with Elenor 30 minutes early and waits outside among the dock worker traffic. He is spotted by a drunk Steele who goes in and challenges some of the regulars to a game of Five Finger Fillet. He gets one taker who looses after 2 rounds. Oka-Zara comes in and goes to the end of the bar and waits after ordering the daily special (Raalst sandwich). Fwip and Leon come in and take some seats. Leon orders the strongest drink they have (some sort of Whiskey) which he downs. Sinat then arrives.
C’tell (5’10” human) comes into the bar using a spell to disguise his appearance. He goes to the table with his name on a placard. Seph comes in and is asked to dim is glowing spell as it was making the filth of the bar too apparent, and the party move over to his table. He tells the party that he had a ship lost during the Day of Shaking and only recently determined its approximate location. He is willing to pay 5000 silver and only wants to recover the map any other salvage can be kept by the party. He has a way to get the party near the location and a satchel to put the map in. He provides items that will get them near the location. The items have 2 buttons. The red button sends them near the location while the button on the other side should be pressed if needed after they press the first one.

They all agree after some mumblings about dividing the pay. They each press their buttons and find themselves about 2 mets above the ground over the Dwarven continent of Kratal. Those who do not have a fly spell choose to press the 2nd button which CUSHIONs them. Steele has a drop pod form around him and crashes to the ground. Sinat in his awesomeness rolls around on the ground when he reaches it and pops up (ta dah). Leon who landed nearby sees the awesome display. Seph flies down after a bit of freefall and lights himself up to get the party to him since they all fell within a met of each other. They did not see any ship as they fell and decide it could be in the forest to the north. They trek 20 mets on and reach the woods after the sun sets 3 hours later. There they camp out while Sinat and Fwip scout the forest. Seph DEVOTEs himself to the party first. Sinat becomes Vazgul and after 3 hours spots something in the woods. He marks a tree and heads back, During his scouting he kills a rabbit for breakfast. Fwip had already returned when he gets back.

They wake up and Sinat eats his rabbit and gets a DEVOTE since the first was on Vazgul. Fwip makes a block of ice cream in an ice bowl and eats until he gets brain freeze and a stomach ache. He offers some to others and Sinat eats some using his hands.

They head to where Vazgul thought he saw something and sure enough 500 feet away is the ship wreck. Sinat, Fwip and Seph go in and search around. Fwip and Sinat find the captains/navigator quarters and finds a map in a drawer. The map has an outline of an island with an X on it and a drawing of a ship on its side. Seph in the hold finds the remains of some cargo and 1 good barrel of wine. He teleports away with the wine and when he comes back finds himself up in the air and not where he was.

Some discussion about the map is had and they decide that they should investigate the X rather then sending the map to C'tell. After 30 minutes they are attacked by a pack of Damage Jackals in the woods. Elenor blows one away with a sniper crit to the head and Steele tears through one before they reach the party. They quickly fend off the pack with them only getting a good chomp on Elenor. They butcher and cook a jackal lunch before heading on.

After a half hour they reach what appears to be the island which is now a hill with a sandy section and some dead trees that were not able to survive without the missing ocean that used to be around. Steele heads into the center of the island and starts digging. The others do some searching. Leon comes across a large boulder that looks out of place up against a tree. Him and Elenor move the boulder aside and find a chest down a hole. The party gathers and Sinat checks for traps before almost getting a hernia pulling the chest out. He then finds the chest is trapped but uses an item that opens the lock. Insides the chest they find a rolled up map some silver and a few odd magic items plus 6 potion bottles.

They put the map in the satchel and after a minute the satchel gets heavier and has 5000 silver plus a note that they can keep the satchel.

Seph disguises himself as Deus and writes “Deus was here” on a piece of paper and puts it in the chest with a few Deus coins (~5sp apiece). Sinat then arms a trap on a fake handle (6d6 HEA paralysis poison) and reburies it below the boulder.

The party then starts to come up with a plan to get home. Fwip finds he cannot port himself away from here but since Seph could earlier they figure they should be able to get far enough away from the affect to use a portal bag and DAYPORT away. After a bit of flying up into the sky the bag starts to work. Seph holds it while everyone goes inside and then he ports back to Rougtero's Solarium. They have Sinat bring their loot to Dena for identification and then divide up their spoils.

Noteworthy Postgame Events