January 23, 2017

Game Master
Grant Greene
Fwip (Storms are beautiful.)
Bane (Strong enough to wrestle a dragon. Sarcastic enough to taunt it into doing so.)
Destiny ()
Hooded man (The First Blood Mage)


Adventurers needed to help mediate a political power struggle.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers were comissioned by Queen Aerolith to help end the dispute between the forces of Summar and Winter on the plane, as their sudden spike in power was negatively affecting the weather. After negotiating with Winter to kill his brother, they sent Summer to Jaern, where he was primptly slaughtered by eldrazi. Afterwards, they attempted to return Aerolith's emotions to her, which temporarily unleashed a physical incarnation of her rage bnefore the called Deus to remove it.

Noteworthy Postgame Events