May 15, 2004

Game Start Date
Halden 10, 1004
Game End Date
Halden 11, 1004
Game Master
Preston Wiley
William D Jackson (Mutto Freak of the year!! Maybe making a comback!!!)
Roan (Air Mage Extraordinaire...or something like that.)
Mogradin (Deathknight of Anubis)
Mindra Vii (Water Witch. Expert at Changing Magics.)
Selic - the Mayor of Gendel


Adventures wanted to head an investigation. For more information, see the Mayor of Gendel and the Gendel Town Hall at 1:30pm

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers meet up at the Town Hall and the mayor explains that an Earth Mage outside of town has been acting very strangely lately. He used to be a quite friendly fellow, but some people has died at his doorstep when attempting to visit him. The mayor wishes to know what is going on. The adventurers agree to payment and they are off.

They walk a bit to the house which is a very large and made entirely of stone. They check it out and find a front and back door and many closed windows. They also find a balcony on the second floor with two doors leading into the house.

Claude, who is a ghost, finds the earth mage in a laboratory and mimics him to his servents saying that there are bodies to clean up on the door step. A servent goes out the back door and around the house to the front where he encouters the party. They question him and ask to see his employer. He pulls out a box with a button and pushes it four times and says the front door is open and to walk right in. No one is stupid enough to fall for this obvious trick and they kill him and take the box.

Erik, Willie, and Thompson start messing around on the balcony and unlock a door and go inside. Willie knocks on the next door he sees and a guy on the other side asks what they want. Willie answers and the party remaining outside see a blue immaterial orb appear on the balcony. Mindra walks through the wall near the door. She notices that most of the servents take no notice of her at all even when she grabs them by the arm. One does take note and approaches her. She says they came to meet their employer. He pulls out a box with a button and pushes it many times and says the front door is open and that she can let her friends in now. She again doesn't fall for this obvious trick and gets the servent to lead her upstairs. The servent knocks on a different door to the same room the other people knocked on. A man asks what he wants. Mindra gives her name and more blue appears.

Claude freaks out the mage his Lab and he runs off into the blue field. Clause finds him again in his bedroom on the same floor. He alerts Mog, Roan, and Sotara of this and they prepare to ambush him. Roag uses See to look into the room. Mog plans to stalk, ambush, and assassinate him. They fly up to the second floor. Mog and Sotera wait on the edge of the blue field while Roan plans to kick down the door. Through an amazing feat of strength (read 8 die STR check), Roan demolishes the door which was Jammed shut. Prior to the battle, Mog activated a item of Wax and Soul Bladed his weapon. He does 100 points of damage to Hermel the first round and splatters him.

They wait for the blue field to go down a proceed to loot the house. Thompson kills all of the servents. They discover a secret basement with a strange laboratory in it. Mindra seems in be in awe when studying it. Mog is able to take the front door of the house and place it in his bag. Erik proceeds to skillfully collapse the house with a kitchen fire.

Most of the party returns to Gendle and collects payment.

Noteworthy Postgame Events