January 13, 2017

Game Start Date
Game Master
Andrew Zhou
Pheobe Kyo (Blind Psion)
Hooded man (The First Blood Mage (Fedor K. CHR214))
Blaine (Zeph Priest. )


Mysterious hooded cultists have been kidnapping people. Seeking adventurers to investigate the problem.

Plot Synopsis

After Hooded Man burned the eastern Mera forests into artistic greatness, surviving serviles formed a minor cult around the inferno scar.

They had begun kidnapping other serviles and brainwashing them, as well as gaining members from existing fellows with similar beliefs, and attracted the attention of those in power. Adventurers were thus hired to solve the problem (they were hired to 'investigate', but knowing adventurers, it was likely that everything would die. Astoria as well had motives unknown for sending adventurers, though that was never discovered).

They traveled into the forest that they had been at before, wandering in, before meeting a surprisingly helpful cultist.. or perhaps it simply was because Hooded Man, in his hooded cloaky robes, looked like a higher ranking cultist. Even the party suspected that this was partly his fault anyway.

They found a rather disturbing camp in which there were many a seemingly masochistic servile, who had massive setups of torture devices and prisoners. After a while of deliberation, they slowly realized that the cultists were beginning to realize who they were, and prepared to fight their way out. Oddly enough, the cultists were willing to allow the remainder of the party to leave, being after only the mage who incinerated so many of their members, but said party members for some reason turned to help, even having been on unfriendly terms from earlier.

Fires were thrown and deaths aplenty fell.

Eventually triumphant (albeit with one death), the party returned to Mera, reporting their results, to satisfaction.

Noteworthy Postgame Events