May 08, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Joel Gunderson
Krunk (Can lift heavy luggage in a single round!!)


A group is needed by the Sepulcher of Southam.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers responded to an ad posted in Rougtero and Centralia by the Sepulcher in Southam. After a brief conference with Barl, the priest hired to direct the party and track their progress, they went to the graveyard after a brief stop at a store to purchase gear. Unbeknownst to the party, they were being watched by an invisible thief that stalked them to the entrance to the graveyard. The party found a forgotten tomb dedicated to the creation of undead under the graveyard. After some brief exploration and some trap detections by Khelek and a brief battle, they descended to the second level. They found the main chamber where the resident of the tombs was creating and storing his undead. As adventurers tend to do, they tried to solve the problem with tons of fireballs, to no real effect. They came to find out that the resident, Thomas MacManus, was an ousted, cursed priest of Anubis who has the strange knack of being able to create greater undead (Mummies, Ghosts, etc…). He was creating them after long years of research as a tribute to his deity, whom he had managed to offend in some of his past works to his great detriment. The party's goal was to obtain the bodies that had been stolen from the graveyard by the undead for the creation of more undead, but Khelek offered an alternative. He offered a way out of the city in exchange for one of the magic items that had been stolen from the tombs. MacManus agreed to this and the party left. On the way out of town they stopped at a bath house to clean up, and were met by Barl with some backup. Khelek was able to escape with Sorrel via an item of otherport. Kalag and Krunk were caught via Divine Word and taken back to the Sepulcher. After brief and pointless questioning as to the location of Sorrel and Khelek, they were tried and sentenced for the crimes of Robbery and Tomb Robbing. Kalag was able to plea down his sentence to 9 years of hard labor at the Bastion. Krunk was given to the temple of Anubis for interrogation, where his theft of souls from Anubis was discovered. He was summarily Obliterated. Khelek returned MacManus and his undead to a warehouse in Southam. However, all his holdings in Southam were seized (approximately 43 million silvers worth). Sorrel and Khelek are still wanted for questioning; however, Sorrel went to the mage's guild in Centralia and body-hopped. Khelek had his bag re-created to go to a different place. Wanted posters are posted in Rougtero, the Portal Farm, and Southam.

One magic item was given out but it was immediately traded.

Noteworthy Postgame Events