October 30, 2016

Game Master
Grant Greene
Steele (To some, an alcoholic pirate captain. To others, a hedonistic space marine. Neither is incorrect.)
Ol' McDonald (An actual farmer.)
Orrin (Rogue)


Adventure seeking individuals wanted to help retrieve out missing scout ship. Meet at Rift Station One, Terminal 156-D, 11:00 AM Galactic Standard Time

Plot Synopsis

The party once again went to the Sci-Fi world of Evasuu, this time being hired by a group of Felenians (humanoid catfolk) to help with their search for their pride's missing scout ship, which they believe to have been captured. At its lasat known location, the party encountered a group of Kekrin (humanoid ratfolk), who (after a bit of negotiation) were willing to sell the missing ship to them. The party was taken to a remote space station in dark space (the space between star systems), where they primptly began to blow it up while rescuing the missing catfolk crew and stealing back the missing scout ship. Among the debris they were able to scavenge a funcional Void Gel Generator, which has since been hooked up to the Jaern Whale Station.

Noteworthy Postgame Events