April 24, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Krystal Tyler
Jack Livingston
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)


Adventurers needed for retrieval mission.

Plot Synopsis

As soon as everyone arrived, Atrus explained that his wife had been kidnapped by a man named Saavedro, and he needed help getting her back. He knew she was being kept at a location he could only get to if he had a certain set of symbols that could only be found on a couple islands. He gave the adventurers a symbol and told them to follow it to an island where he would find one of the needed symbols. The adventurers agreed, and they proceeded.

On the trip to the first island, the adventurers were attacked by three drako-like creatures (wyvren) with a mage riding one of them. The mage and two wyvren were bluefielded, while the third was taken out by the party.

Upon reaching the island in question, the party explored for a short while before finding the symbol they were to follow. Some puzzle-solving later, they followed a new portal to the last island. This island had many odd, metallic contraptions on it, as well as some interesting lighting (which Thompson discovered had electroshock via pick axe). The party spent long periods of time exploring the island. Some notable events included Dhago trying to let lava into the room he was standing in and Tanis flipping every lever he could find. The final result of this madness was a hydroelectric dam producing power and steam being used to fill up a hot air gondola, which, when flown around the cavern, completed a circuit, lifting a smaller island (and the portal) up in the air. The needed symbol was discovered floating in the air below the island. After many attempts, the symbol was copied decently and the party returned to the first island.

Bridgewater fireballed a wyvern he saw was sitting on the mast of the ship. Combat ensued as six more wyvren and an air mage attacked the party. Some wyvren were time stopped; some retreated after getting their tails kicked. The bluefielded mage and mount were obliterated later with multiple fireballs, lightning bolts, and arrows.

Unfortunately, it was found that all the crew of the ship were dead but one poor guy cowering in a corner. Thompson DIed to Anubis for a (literal) skeleton crew. Anubis obliged, to the party's surprise, and the party returned to Jaern.

2700 exp.

Notable Events: Thompson successfully DIed to Anubis, and Dhago actully managed to punch Jacob in the face.

Noteworthy Postgame Events