October 08, 2016

Game Start Date
Game Master
Andrew Zhou
Garen (Warrior & psion)
Lili (Cute dragon girl)
Roku (Master of the four elements, keeper of balance, defender of the innocent)
Scorpio ()
Selia (Angelic healer, herbalist, and lawfully good peace-maker.)


Adventurers wanted to kill a phoenix.

Plot Synopsis

Ctherethei has become annoyed by Amaryllis creating a planar pancake stack, and so has sent adventurers in to kill her, in order to stabilize the world.
Our brave party is teleported in, wander about, murdering unicorns as they go :'(

Eventually they come across the phoenix's clearing, at which point they send in Roku to seduce her. It doesn't work; he's put to sleep.

A few hours later, tired of waiting, Lili throws a comet, clearing fog from the clearing, things happen.
They meet the phoenix. They attack.
*Lots of fighting noises here*

Cold and hurt, Lili calls out to the spirit of primal fire, and in a Super Lucky way, succeeds at her DI call.
The essence of true flame awakens, incinerating the phoenix, burning the forest. Black smoke rises and the plane begins to collapse.
The fire spreads across worlds, burning out the next pancake. And the next. And the next. Leaving 4 worlds completely destroyed, one an ashen wasteland, and finally the surface forest they came from a smoldering ruin.

Dreamwood entirely is no longer a problem.

Noteworthy Postgame Events