September 27, 2016

Game Master
Blas Hernandez
Pheobe Kyo (Blind Psion)
Halcyia (Dmitri Luper)


"Adventurers needed to gather some intelligence regarding a ritual."

Plot Synopsis

Halcyia and Phoebe were employed by Al and his daughter, Sona, to gather information about a ritual that the Tenochian High Priest is preparing. The party managed to get a tip from the owner of the highest class nightclub in the city, Stick, as to where the information might be held. After finding the source of the rumors, Phoebe and Halcyia gained access to a secret archive where files regarding the ritual were found. The file they found contained information about the ingredients needed, the site where the ritual is to be performed, and the amount of time required to complete it. The party met the Spirit of the Lake and Halcyia offered to stay and keep her safe from the High Priest's evil intentions.

Noteworthy Postgame Events