January 31, 2004

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Ian Seelbach
William D Jackson (Mutto Freak of the year!! Maybe making a comback!!!)
D'leyna Ciedrith (Mini tank/lawnmower, famous for her omnipresent golf bag o' weapons.)
Athyrean, High Priest of Neptune


Adventurers wanted to free captured leader. Meet Kalydon at the Stopover Inn at noon.

Plot Synopsis

Once the adventurers had all shown up at the meeting, Kalydon greeted them and explained to them the situation. During a recent battle, Admiral Plyades of the Athyrean navy had been captured, and was about to be put on trial. After the trial, he would be taken back to the king of Lakdamon, where he would likely be executed. The adventurers are needed to free him and return him to the city of Athyrea.

After discussion, Kalydon leads them to a portal, which takes the adventurers to a small hub, where they go through a portal to a bustling harbor town. There they board a boat, and embark on a six-day journey. Little happens on the way, except Willie’s few choice comments about Kalydon’s dead god. Kalydon frowns at these comments, but does not respond beyond that. At the end of the six days, they arrive in the city of Athyrea, which they find busily preparing defenses. After a brief stopover, they board a smaller ship, which takes them about the various smaller islands so that they may approach their target area from the far side.

The party sets up on the road that the admiral’s escort is supposed to be taking, and prepare for an ambush. Thompson stands in the middle of the road, invisible, and the others took positions along the sides, with Kirath invisible in the air, watching for the approach. After some time, a good spot of hearing manages to notice some people sneaking through the forest. A brief chase in two directions manages to find a pair of elven scouts, one of which manages to get off a send object before being taken down.

Realizing that the caravan has likely now been tipped off, the adventuring party rushes up along the road to meet them. Kirath arrives first, invisible, and sees the escort stopped in the road, vehemently discussing something. The discussion ends quickly, and the caravan begins to turn around. Kirath flies around the group quickly, still invisible, and sets up a warding. By the time the caravan is fully turned around and has started moving, some of the rest of the party has arrived. Willie sets off a Halt Time on the back of the wagon and a good chunk of the escorting soldiers, and soon after, the wagon drivers realize that their horses are trapped in the warding. The fighting begins, and the party manages to mop up the escort, who put up a greater resistance than they first appeared to be capable of.

Once the non-halted people were taken care of, they saw that the admiral was not around. The party then set up an ambush to surprise the halted people and sprung it. Once the Halt Time is dropped, Thompson notices the admiral and grabs him, getting out of the combat area. The remaining forces are dispatched, and after a quick bit of looting, the party rushes towards the shoreline, as they are unsure whether patrols along the road from a local military base will be showing up. Their extraction goes without a hitch and they end up back in Athyrea. The citizens, upon finding that their hero, the Admiral Plyades has been rescued, stop in their preparations for a day and throw a celebration, with the adventurers as guests of honor. Some stay for the celebration, others take the first boat back to the portal, but the names are recorded among the heroes of the city.

Noteworthy Postgame Events