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The Ker'Lacht Lineage


The Ker'Lachts are one of the three most powerful families on Toth. Out of all the families in the oligarchy, this one is strange in that they don't regularly practice necromancy.



Troghein is the head of the Ker'Lacht household. He's a quiet and serious individual, with a reputation for cruel leanings and a short temper. He's publicly eviscerated several of his enemies, and has no particular care for public relations. He's missing an eye, and sports a nasty scar covering one side of his face.


Demonic Pacts

While most other families prefer to use necromancy to obtain their power, members of the Ker'Lacht family actually resort to demonic magics, signing pacts with demons to infuse themselves with power. Most family members begin their “enhancement” at the age of 7, where they are possessed by a demon for 24 hours, during which the demon works to expand the child's magical potential. This continues with several other dark rituals and magical procedures, which continue on until they reach the age of 14. This grants them several abnormal magical abilities, and makes them some of the most dangerous oligarchs to face in one-on-one combat. However, as a drawback, these procedures are extremely risky, and about 25% of the children fail the procedure, often with horrendous side effects; children who fail are “donated” to the demons.

Human Trafficking

In order to maintain their demonic obligations, the Ker'Lacht family needs to obtain a steady supply of sacrifices. A large portion of the usual “missing persons” cases that occur in the city can probably be attributed to the Ker'Lachts' need of slaves and souls.


Whilst the actual family doesn't dabble too much into necromancy to bolster their legions, they can summon up sturdy, strong, and unintelligible undead, which are sold or rented out to complete menial or potentially dangerous labor. Since the Ker'Lachts needed to learn how to appease their demonic allies with sacrifices, they have plied their skills of abduction to make a reasonable living off of the underground slave trade. In fact, most of the Ker'Lacht treasury is kept filled via the sale and trafficking of both living and undead thralls. Additionally, the family also frequently restocks their goods from the city prison. Most of the other families don't love that the Ker'Lachts are making money using the prison, but they don't exactly like paying to maintain the guard's salary, so they let it slide.


Depending on the experience and power of the individual, members of the Ker'Lacht family can have access to a variety of underlings. Some of the minions that you may typically find are:

  • Demon Spawn (All “fully enhanced” members)
  • Imps (Experienced, mid rate members)
  • Spike Demons (Powerful, high rate family members)

Missing Children

About 25% of children do not successfully complete all of the process of becoming “enhanced”. If any of the procedures or rituals fail, the child typically receives some kind of horrendous physical or psychological side effect. Legally, these children are considered missing, though most in the family assume them to be dead. Currently, there are 3 individuals that have failed and are still possibly alive, though by now, it is entirely possible that they have reached adulthood.


Sudari was quiet, concise, and brusque. The process from which her strength was supposed to be augmented failed, randomly enlarging parts of her body and leaving her as an indescribable mess of flesh. The family felt embarrassed to look upon their malformed, insecure girl, and hastily disposed of her unconscious body.


Sithrus was a bit of an artist, having a passion for painting and poetry. However, he was paired with a particularly nasty demon during his first phase of enhancement; the demon tortured and fed off of the child's power, driving him insane and imbuing him with several odd fears and other psychological quirks. He was discarded without too much care, as the family had little care for his whimsical nature to begin with.


Onia was an extremely promising family member; she was the most powerful lizard to have been born within the family for centuries, with a brain to match. She almost successfully completed all of her enhancements, but her final rite was sabotaged, as the magic items used for the ritual were secretly replaced with much more powerful artifacts. She screamed out in agony as the runes painted onto her skin burned a bright blue color, and she collapsed, covered in strange markings. She was comatose for a month, before the family forfeited her seemingly lifeless body to an influential pit lord.


Pronunciation Guide

  • Ker'Lacht: K-air Lock-t
  • Troghein: Tr-oh-gay-n
  • Sudaris: Sue-d-are-iss
  • Ano: Ah-no
  • Onia: Own-yuh
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