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-[[https://​​spreadsheets/​d/​1fKt3ne6wUAz3VLTTf8nnAyXm_oS7fv_DV_P61RQKcHY/​edit?​usp=sharing|Thom Hammerstone Character Sheet]] 
-Additionally,​ Thom Hammerstone may summon a group of six elite guards at will.  
-[[https://​​spreadsheets/​d/​1BTh3ueqdnnfY690UIevp8xFdTBLl3xsmhLsvak4ItRk/​edit?​usp=sharing|Hammerstone Elite]] 
-His first round of combat will usually be to Fast Cast Speed(free action) and then summon his guard. ​ This will be followed by a casting of wax, and his two free attacks, after which he applies lethal bloodshed to his first attack of the round. ​ 
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