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 **[[College Player'​s Guide]]** **[[College Player'​s Guide]]**
-====Northface games==== 
-If you’ve run a game in Northface, please add it to the list or inform a person who can. Here’s the format of the list. 
-  * [Name of GM] (Out of game date of run) - Short blurb about run. (Optional link to the game writeup.) 
-List of games: 
-  * Isaac Frank (4/9/2016) - The run started in Northface, with players exploring the area before the mission briefing. The majority of the run happened off plane. ​ 
-  * Isaac Frank (4/20/2016) - The adventurers were tasked with ending a strike that afflicted many of the mines and factories owned by the Virtus family. The party explored the city, and ended the strike by creating better housing for the workers, that was closer to their jobs.  
-  * Dan Weller (4/23/2016) - A dragon flew near the city, and adventurers are committing fraud at a bank. 
-  * Isaac Frank (4/23/2016) - .Adventurers were tasked with exploring the tunnels below Northface to find a journal supposedly written by one of the founding brothers. 
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