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-----Major Groups---- 
-Followers of em (emizzair) 
-The Exotic business league (EBL) 
-The ore from space: 
-sever night terrors and occasional “visions”,​ with prolonged exposure a hivemind develops with others who have been exposed. (if consumed, the next time the player sleeps roll a d6: 1-4 = nigh terrors, -3 willpower for the first 2 hours after waking 5= random vision/​hallucination of gm’s discression 6= vision concerning the current quest, gm’s discression) 
-The materials strange otherworldly and unnerving look, all those who have this metal within their vision have a -1 initiative modifier and -1 willpower. Properties like iron, and can be refined to steel like material. Does not corrode but will transmute normal iron/steel to more of itself if in contact with it. Those in contact with it get an additional -1 willpower. Other effects emerge with large quantities. 
-This metal also may have unusual alchemical properties not yet defined 
-Town icons: 
-The slugs hammer (tavern) 
-Em’s sanctum (church) 
-Tor’ite temple 
-Mister Mazerworth’s animarium 
- -shop: location for costumers to buy rare animals and mutates for them 
- -stables: storage for weird/​unusual mounts, can buy spaces, town owns some of these spaces ​ 
--lab: the place where cruelty to animals may happen…. Or not 
-The mines: these mines are partly abandoned, produces mostly iron as well as trace amounts of other ores.  
-Trading post 
-La shoppe du potion (closed for renovation) 
- ​Fadenwood:​ Population 750ish and located in a mountain valley southwest of firehammer, originally a closed door religious convent of the followers of emizzair (em for short) that is now a small trading town. The town boasts the Exotic business league, a moderately productive renovated iron mine, and a tor’ite barracks as well as the original temple to em. While all major faiths deny that em exists and no proof of his presence is apparent, the followers still worship avidly. The region around fadenwood is known for its meteor showers and the strange metallic ore that lands there. 
 =====Fadencrest===== =====Fadencrest=====
 ====Overview==== ====Overview====
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